Terms & Conditions

version 2021-01


Please read these terms and conditions (“Conditions”) carefully as they contain details of our mutual obligations to one another.

These Conditions govern all bookings from 8th January 2021 onwards made by “You”/”Occupier” (the lead booker named on the booking paperwork) with Goonwinnow Farm Holiday Cottages (“Us”/“Owners”).

The Owners contractual obligations are owed solely to you and you alone are responsible for all payments due and the following of all rules and conditions by yourself and anyone nominated by you to occupy/use the cottage(s) you book. All cottages are subject to maximum occupancy rules.

Bookings may only be made by persons who are at least 18 years old.

Any property is hired by you on the basis that the property is to be occupied for a holiday as mentioned in the Housing Act 1988 Schedule 1 paragraph 9 and the Occupier acknowledges that these Conditions shall not confer on the Occupier or anyone nominated by the Occupier to occupy/use the property any security of tenure within the terms of that Act.

Any booking made, whether through the Owners’ website or otherwise, shall constitute your acceptance of the offer to hire the relevant accommodation subject to these Conditions. All bookings with the Owners of Goonwinnow Farm Holiday Cottages and all matters arising from them are subject to English law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

By proceeding with the booking once receiving booking confirmation you warrant and confirm to us that you have read these Conditions and agree to comply with them.


  1. Liability

The Owners of Goonwinnow Farm Holiday Cottages accept no liability for any loss, personal injury/illness or death however incurred. Although the Owners use all reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy of all information provided and the quality and facilities of the properties, we cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any problems that occur while guests occupy the property. All information has been provided in good faith and no liability is accepted whatsoever by the Owners for any misrepresentation of property material or accommodation.


  1. Deposit & Payment 

A Deposit payment for all properties is required at the time of booking/confirmation of booking.  If the booking is made within 8 weeks of the date of Arrival Date then full payment is required immediately. Payment is preferred by bank transfer but may also be paid by card. If paying by card, Balance payments will be processed automatically to the same debit or credit card used for Deposit payment unless we hear from you to the contrary. The Owners do not accept cash and do not accept responsibility for cash sent through the post.

Where an initial Deposit is paid, the Balance must be paid prior to 8 weeks of the Arrival Date, whether demanded by us or not. The due date will be detailed within the Booking Summary sent to you. If this is not paid within 7 days of it being due, we reserve the right to cancel the booking without any refund.

Where the Owners have not received the Balance by the due date, an overdue reminder letter may be issued to the Occupier and a charge of £20 will be added to the balance due.

Provisional bookings are possible but they will only be held for up to 48 hours pending receipt of a cleared deposit or full payment as may be required. Bookings will not be guaranteed until we have received your payment as required and we have sent you a written booking confirmation.


  1. Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments are processed by a provider called Yapstone and your statement will show that you have been billed either by Goonwinnow Farm Holiday Cottages or by ‘Yapstone’ .


  1. Communication

Booking confirmation and further communications will be sent by email. You may request to receive communications via post if you would prefer.


  1. Cancellation by the Occupier 

You may cancel your booking at any time. Bookings must be cancelled in writing (preferably via email) clearly stating the booking reference number and stating that you wish to cancel. We will respond to confirm. Please get in touch if you do not receive a response within 48 hours.

Cancellations made more than 8 weeks before arrival date will be fully refundable via the original method of payment. less the Booking Fee.

Cancellations less than 8 weeks before the Arrival Date:

(a) if we are able to rebook the Property for the same Booking Price then you will receive a full refund of the Booking Price less the Booking Fee

(b) if we are only able to rebook the Property at a lower price than the Booking Price, then you will receive the sum at which the Property is rebooked minus Your Booking Fee;

(c) if we are unable to rebook the Property you will receive a 10% refund of the Booking Price.

Any amounts due for refunding will be made within 14 days of cancellation.



  1. Cancellation by the Owners

The Owners reserve the right to withdraw or cancel the Booking at any time. In this unlikely event you will be offered the choice of renting another property through the Owners (subject to availability) with the price difference payable/refundable as appropriate, or of receiving a full refund of all monies paid. No compensation is payable by the Owners.

Any amounts due for refunding will be made within 14 days of cancellation.


  1. Insurance

Not being able to take your holiday can be incredibly disappointing. Having to pay for a holiday that you can’t take is even worse. Within certain timeframes and circumstances We will provide a refund if a booking needs to be cancelled.

(a) If your booking has to be cancelled because the Property is required by government restrictions to close and the period of closure covers Your booking You will be refunded in full.

(b) If the address on Your booking confirmation is put into Local/Regional Lockdown, preventing travel and the period of restriction covers Your booking You will be refunded in full.

(c) If You (or any, some, or all of Your intended party are unable) are unable to travel or are disinclined to travel for any reason other than the Lockdowns mentioned above, including such reasons but not limited to illness (including COVID), a requirement or recommendation to self-isolate or quarantine, shielding, jury duty, military service, incarceration, change in personal or work circumstances, family emergencies, travel delays, vehicle breakdown and delays or cancellations to public transport.  These circumstances remain at Your risk and do not present a right to receive a refund other than in line with our standard Booking Conditions timsecales.

We strongly recommended that you take out UK travel insurance. COVID is now a known risk and it is possible for you to insure your holiday against it. This can include just You or any of Your party having COVID, and/or You or any of Your party having to isolate or quarantine. We are unable to recommend any specific policy but a search on site such as www.gocompare.com should offer suggestions.

If you choose not to take out UK travel insurance, then you accept responsibility for any loss that you may incur due to Your cancellation. 


  1. Behaviour

It is your responsibility to ensure that you and anyone in Your group do not behave in a way which causes offence or danger to others or which risks damage to property belonging to others. In such circumstances the Owners have the right to terminate your Booking, in which case the Owners’ responsibility to you ceases immediately and there can be no refunds, no payment of compensation and no reimbursement of any cost or expenses you may incur as a result. Further, you will be liable to reimburse the Owners for any expenses whatsoever they incur as a result of your behaviour. All-male, all-female or groups of young people may be accepted by prior arrangement and may be subject to a higher security deposit.


  1. Breakages & Cleanliness 

A property is made available for letting on the understanding that it will be left clean and tidy upon your departure, in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found.  At the time of checkout all bed linen and towels must be placed into the green laundry bags provided, all personal items removed from the property and all waste removed from inside the property and placed in the dustbins provided.

Occupiers are not permitted to move any furniture or equipment without prior written consent from the Owners. In the event of such permission being granted, it is the Occupier’s responsibility to return the same to its original position before checkout. Under no circumstances must any furniture or equipment for use inside the property, be moved outside.

In the event of breakages and/or damage, the incident must be reported to us as soon as is practical. Any losses or monies owed to the Owners will be taken from a security deposit. If no security deposit is taken (or the security deposit amount is insufficient), the Owners shall be entitled to make an additional charge and the Occupier will be liable for the payment of those additional charges.

An additional charge may also be made if extra cleaning is necessary as a result of the property being left in a dirty condition upon the Occupier’s departure. Any items shall be replaced at equal value.

If a security deposit is held or pre-authorised to a debit or credit card, this pre-authorisation will be released or a refund made once we or our representative has made a full inspection of the property. Where any damage or breakage has occurred and been left unreported, you will be informed and the security deposit or part of the security deposit will be used as payment or part payment of any appropriate compensation made.


  1. Third Parties 

The Owners do not accept any responsibility or liability for acts or omissions of third parties, which may prevent or disrupt an Occupier’s booking. For example, any farming activity in the local area is outside of our control, and we cannot be held responsible for any resulting disturbance. However, should we become aware of any circumstances which may reasonably be considered to adversely affect the enjoyment of your holiday we will notify you as soon as possible, and wherever possible, will offer you the opportunity to transfer to an alternative property at the advertised price. Whilst we assure you of our best endeavours to minimise any inconvenience we regret that we cannot accept any liability in this case.


  1. Property Check-in / Check-out times 

Access to properties will be after 4pm (16:00hrs) on your day of Arrival, please do not arrive early without prior notification or permission as the property will not be ready. To allow time for cleaning and servicing, the property must be vacated by 10am (10:00hrs) on the day of departure unless otherwise agreed by us. Late check outs will attract a further charge. When leaving, the property is to be locked and the keys returned in accordance with the instructions given to the Occupier.


  1. Complaints

In the unlikely event of a problem during your stay, please inform us or our representative as soon as possible so that the matter can be put right in a timely fashion. Please do not wait until after your holiday to bring up any issues – we’d rather know about them while we have a chance to put things right. No compensation can be offered for issues not brought to our attention whilst you are here.


  1. Pets

Pets are only permitted with our prior consent and where pets are permitted they are to be kept under control and on leads at all times. The only exception being within the exercising paddock where care must be taken if there are any livestock in the adjoining field. All dog poop must be removed immediately and placed in the dedicated bin. If you require disposal bags we are happy to provide them.

Pets are not permitted in the bedrooms or on any soft furnishings.

Pets must not be left in the property unsupervised as this can result in considerable damage to the property and distress to the pet. We accept no responsibility for their safety.

A charge will be made for each pet according to the current rates. The Owners cannot guarantee that there have been no pets previously kept at any property. If a pet is brought to the property without prior notification/permission, or the stated number/size of pets is exceeded, the Owners are entitled to refuse entry and this will be treated as a cancellation by the Occupier, see section 5. The Occupier will be responsible for all damage caused by the pet in accordance with section 9.


  1. Amenities

The use of amenities where offered, such as play equipment, is entirely at the Occupier’s risk and the Owners shall not accept responsibility for loss or damage to the Occupier’s belongings. Availability of amenities cannot be guaranteed and no compensation can be offered in their absence.


  1. VAT

VAT is included in the rental price.


  1. Alterations by the Owners 

Although the Owners make every effort to ensure that advertised descriptions are correct, there may be some degree of upgrade or alteration to décor and furnishings since the taking of the published images. Although changes to properties advertised are infrequent, the Owners reserve the right to change the description of any property at any time, in which case we will endeavour to notify you of all changes before commencement of the booking date, if it is practical to do so. No compensation will be payable by the Owners in such cases. Accordingly, the Owners shall bear no liability for any errors or omissions and no claims will be accepted for costs or additional expenses incurred as a result of any changes. If there is a specific amenity or feature of the property that is significant to your Booking you must make it known at the time of Booking.


  1. Use of Property

The Occupier must not assign, underlet or part with the hired property or any part of it. It may only be shared with the guests whose names are provided prior to the Arrival Date. The Occupier shall use the hired property for the purpose of a private holiday residence for the maximum number of agreed persons only and not for any other purpose whatsoever.

Under no circumstances may anyone other than named guests occupy the property nor use the facilities at Goonwinnow Farm without prior permission. The Owners reserve the right to refuse admittance if this condition is not observed and any violation may be treated as a cancellation by the Occupier, see section 5.

The Occupier must not use the property or any part of it for any improper, immoral or illegal purposes. The Occupier shall ensure that the property is securely locked when not occupied during the period of the holiday let.


  1. Internet Access

Internet access where offered in any particular property is intended for recreational purposes only and is not meant for business use. Speed/service may vary depending on current usage. Should guests experience difficulties or loss of use the Owners cannot be held responsible in any way.  Any traffic across the Owners internet services, if investigated by the relevant authorities, can be specifically traceable to one Occupier at any point in time. Internet access may not be used to view or distribute improper material such as text, messages or images which are derogatory, defamatory or obscene or for any other illegal purpose.


  1. Rights of Access

The Occupier must allow the Owners, their representatives or contractors access to the property at reasonable hours during the day, to inspect the condition of the property and to carry out repairs or other works that may be necessary. This will of course be limited as much as possible.


  1. Indemnity

The Occupier shall indemnify the Owners against any claim which may arise as a result of their Booking, the Occupier’s use of the property and the Occupier’s breach of any of these Conditions.


  1. Smoking

All properties are strictly no smoking and you should be aware that if evidence of smoking in the property is found, the penalty would be in accordance with section 9. Owners take the matter of smoking inside their property extremely seriously due to the risk it poses to the safety of other guests.


  1. COVID-19 & Other Illness

If any member of your group becomes ill during your stay the Owners must be notified at the earliest opportunity to enable them to implement safeguarding measures. Where safe and possible to do so the entire group is required to return home immediately. If illness requires any period of quarantine or isolation in the property, the Occupier will be required to pay for the additional period of occupation either at the current advertised rates for the affected period, or at the rate any (cancelled) incoming guest had already paid for the period.


  1. Force Majeure

The Owners shall not be liable or accountable for any unforeseen circumstances such as severe weather conditions, local or national strikes, fire, floods, acts of government or of any other authorities.


  1. Data Protection

In the course of business we will collect and use information or data about you. By providing us with this information you agree to the Owners’ use of this data. We will ensure that this information or data is properly collected, recorded, used and safeguarded in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and of the 2018 GDPR Regulations.


  1. Previous Web sites & Booking Conditions 

The Website and these Booking Conditions v2021-01 replace and supersede all previous web sites and Booking Conditions.